Globe BMX Track Update

Buy a Meter – Build the Track!

We need your help! Buying a section of track gets us one meter closer to building the community of Saskatoon and our BMX family a safe, low-maintenance, publicly-accessible racing and riding facility.

For the past 5 years, we’ve been laying the groundwork to build a new track footprint and facility at our existing location in Lakewood Park, behind the Lakewood Tennis dome. We’ve worked closely with our partners at the City of Saskatoon to secure a long-term lease agreement, developed facility plans and a track layout that has gone through the necessary approvals, and now we are ready to build!

Help us build Saskatoon a track that will foster racers and recreational riders for many years to come!

Funding Goals & Needs

To build the desired layout, utilize the best long-term track surface solution and have the track built by the best – Tom Ritz, we need to raise a significant amount!

The sum below includes items that are crucial to make the track come together as planned:

  • Phase 1 – Confirmed Start in Summer 2022
  • Approximate Value: $630,000
  • Includes: Track Build/Equipment/Materials, Track Fees, Park Expansion, Power,
    Landscape Design Fees.
  • Phase 2 – Proposed Start TBD Once Funds Raised
  • Approximate Value: $170,000
  • Includes: Buildings, Fencing, Storage, Additional Area Asphalt
  • Phase 3 – Proposed Start TBD Once Funds Raised
  • Approximate Value: $70,000
  • Includes: Additional Buildings, Bleachers

Personal Donations

Want to support the project but don’t want to commit to buying a meter? Click the button below and you can donate any increment you’d like through our SaskSport National Sports Trust Fund project account. You’ll be issued a tax receipt as well!

Track Design & Layout:

The track design itself has been design by the legendary Tom Ritz, who is responsible for some of the world’s best and high profile tracks including the Olympic track in Rio and many more. Read about his experience here.

The landscaping adjustments and overall park layout have received all necessary community and environment approvals, thanks to our partnership teams at the City of Saskatoon and Crosby, Hanna & Associates.