Memberships & Registration

Updated January 8, 2022

Globe BMX welcomes back past and new riders for the 2022 season. Note that in July of 2022 the Globe BMX track will likely be closed for racing and practicing due to the complete rebuild of the track and surrounding park. There are tracks nearby that are publicly available to ride at own discretion during this time, and District Racing weekly at Diamond BMX. Because we offer year round programming for an already minimal registration fee, we will not have reduced rates for 2022.

ALL INFORMATION RIGHT NOW does not include any COVID specific guidelines pertaining to the 2022 Outdoor Season as none have been established yet. They will be added or updated if needed prior to the outdoor season start in May. Indoor riding for 2022 is ongoing and protocols can be found on that information page.

When you are ready to register, you can access the registration site by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this page!

New to BMX and have questions? Check out our BMX 101 page to get educated.


2022 EARLY BIRD PRICING – Register on or before May 31st, 2022

Ages 4 & Under (Pedal or Strider Bike) – $20
(plus SCA General license fee, see below)

Ages 5 and up – $90
(plus SCA Provincial or UCI License fee, see below)

2022 REGULAR SEASON PRICING – Register on or after June 1st, 2022

Ages 4 & Under (Pedal or Strider Bike) – $30
(plus SCA General license fee, see below.)

Ages 5 and up – $100
(plus SCA Provincial or UCI License fee, see below)


SCA LICENSE – As you go through the online registration process you will be prompted to purchase a Globe BMX Membership along with a cycling license/membership from the Saskatchewan Cycling Association. License fees are accepted and managed by the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, and are not a Globe BMX fee.

2022 License Selection – Any rider who is registering in the 5 and up category must purchase an “In-province/Provincial” or “UCI” license from the Saskatchewan Cycling Association. Purchasing a “General” Licence is only intended for Strider/4 & Under riders. UCI License is if you plan to travel out of province for racing.

RIDER CLASS – You will be prompted to choose a rider class; Novice, Intermediate and Expert. This is NOT based on the rider’s general ability, this is a class that has been achieved through collecting Race Day Wins. If this is your first season, you are automatically a Novice. If you have not been contacted by someone at Globe BMX or Saskatchewan Cycling Association about a class advancement, then you are a Novice. Cruisers do not have classes.


  • Access to Globe BMX track and start gate during structured/scheduled times
  • Membership/Parent Information night
  • Race Plate – included in registration fee and provided when attending first race or practice
  • One practice session per week
  • One District race per week – hosted by Globe BMX
  • One District race per week held at Diamond BMX
  • Potential BMX camps and fun events
  • Potential participation in Saskatoon Ex Parade pending government restrictions/scheduling of that event
  • 2022 Indoor riding sessions at the Saskatoon Field House
  • Season runs from May until early October pending weather limitations


Our club relies heavily on parent volunteers to make each season successful. In 2022 the Volunteer Bond will once again be in effect.



Just like in 2020 and 2021, in 2022 we’ll be requiring all families to pay a $100 fundraising commitment fee upon registration. Fundraising events will be planned and each family will have a low effort opportunity to earn back their $100 fundraising fee. More information will be shared with members once the fundraising initiatives are in place!


If you have any questions, please use our contact form or email us at


If you would like to apply for assistance from KidSport, included below is a link to the online application page, as well as the paper application form link:

Online Application – APPLY HERE