Track Update – New Gate for Globe BMX!

We’ve been waiting a LONG time to share this news!

But before we get ahead of ourselves we have to take a moment to look back to 1997. Saskatoon hosted the World BMX Championships! Epic right? Many people who are still a part of the Saskatoon BMX community remember it with pride! The gate used at that event, built by a family member of one of our members, Mike Hart, was generously donated to Globe BMX and has dropped thousands of times over the last 10 years. It truly has its own legacy and we’ve been so lucky to call it ours for so long.

Racers in the gate – World BMX Championships, Saskatoon 1997

With the evolution of the design and safety standards of BMX gates, we now know that a new gate is needed to ensure that the safety of all of our riders is our #1 priority.

Crescent Style Gate Design Drawings

Our new gate, a crescent style design, will be built locally over the next two months and our controls will be the number one name in the game, Pro-gate. If all goes as planned our new gate will be installed before the season starts.

Pro-Gate 12V Air Ram

We truly can’t move forward without thanking those that gave Globe BMX the current gate and helped SO many riders learn to love BMX racing. We’re planning to keep the gate as a legacy item and will be working on a plan as to where it will be located and what it’s new purpose will be! It has an amazing history and means a lot to many riders and families in Saskatoon.

Who’s ready for 2019!!!!????

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