SK Cup Series & Provincial Race Information

In past seasons we’ve had a lot of questions about the difference between the Series/Grands event and the Saskatchewan Cup Provincial Championship events, and what it all means. Here is a quick rundown:

Saskatchewan Cup Series & Grands is a 4 series race plus final Grands race to finish off the series. At the end of it all, riders can walk away with a P plate, to signify they placed in the top 8 in each respective Class.

Saskatchewan Provincial Championships is a 1 day race where riders race purely as age groups, no classes considered. All the 8 year olds race together, all 9’s etc. At the end of this 1 day race, riders can walk away with an SK plate. If you do not place at Nationals and receive an N plate, this SK plate is now your highest ranking plate. If you do not receive an SK plate at this race day, you’d then consider your P plate (if you participated in the series) as your highest ranking plate.

What does it all mean? Participating in our Saskatchewan BMX events allow your rider the potential to move on to National and World BMX events. In 2017 almost 20 riders from Globe BMX and SK attended the World BMX Championships in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Extra Info: There is a handy Facebook page we like to reference called Getting Canadians to the World Championships. This page posts lots of useful information to understand how your provincial ranking can help qualify you for National and World BMX events. Here is an excerpt from one of his posts and the link to review:

“The official criteria for the 2020 UCI BMX World Championship in Houston, TX, USA, The Canadian National Championship in Toronto and the individual Provincial Championships are the races to earn points to qualify.