2021 Saskatchewan Cup BMX Series #1 & #2


Globe BMX, Saskatoon:
1635 McKercher Dr. S7H 5J9 (Lakewood park behind the tennis dome)

Race Organizer:  Globe BMX
Chief Commissaire: Kendal Redhead
Dates: July 24th & 25th, 2021
Register by: July 22nd, 2021 @

Volunteer! We need the help of many to pull off a Provincial Race weekend. Please consider volunteering wherever you can. Volunteer links are coming soon and will be posted here:

Day 1: https://volunteersignup.org/T833H
Day 2: https://volunteersignup.org/X77RC


  • Any licensed racer can attend and gain points in the SK Cup Race Series.
  • Any attending rider can earn a “P” plate at Grands as long as they qualify for Grands by attending at least 50% of the series events.
  • Riders earn “P” plates by accumulating points at each SK Cup BMX Provincial Series race (#1,#2,#3,#,4 and Grands).
  • Out-of-province riders may contest Provincial Championship races but are not eligible to claim any medal or provincial title.  
  • See SCA BMX policies for further explanation if required.


You must have an In-Province or UCI license to compete in the Sask Cup BMX Series of races.  A general membership only allows you to ride at your local track, not race at a SCA sanctioned event. The General license will only be allowed for use for the Strider/Under 4 Pedal Event.

You will be asked to present your race licence when checking in.  If you do not have your license, you may be denied from racing.


Registration is now closed.

Pre-Registration Lists:

  • There will be NO registration at the track on the race day except Strider/4 & Under who will register on-site, day of events
  • Pre-registration only for all other classes
  • Cut-off is July 22nd, 2021 @ 8PM




  • On-site food & beverage will be available both days:
    • Cold Concession – Saturday
    • Chub’s Grub Burgers – Sunday
    • Shaved Ice
  • Daily 50/50
  • Raffle Prizes
  • $450 Grand Prize Raffle – Gift Cards to your favorite local bike shops!


Check In: 8:45 AM  – 10:00 AM

  • Confirm attendance
  • Show SCA race license (In-Province or UCI)
  • Ensure name, age, category and plate number are correct
  • Fill out paperwork and receive your plate number if required
  • Late check-ins may be excluded from racing

10:30AM – Motos Posted: Original – evening prior online here, after checkin/revised if needed

  • Check for your moto number and lane assignment for all 3 of your moto’s.  If required, you will be informed of a semi final race. Semi and Final lanes are assigned by moto finishing positions, not pre-assigned.  

10:45AM – Flag Lap & Staging

  • Flag lap will start at 10:45am, then riders will head to staging
  • It is your responsibility to be in staging in time for your moto and enter your assigned gate number when directed to take the gate.

10:45AM – Strider & Pedal event (4 and under)

  • There will be a 4 and under strider / pedal event at ~ 10:45am and again during the break between the 2nd and 3rd moto’s.  
  • There is no cost for the strider event. 
  • Insurance provided by Saskatchewan Cycling Association, once a waiver is signed if you do not already have a General license.
  • Safety gear for striders is best effort, must have a helmet.

11:00am – Race Start!

  • Motos round 1 will commence at 11am
  • Motos round 2 will follow Moto 1 in succession
  • There will be a 30 minute break between Moto 2 & 3 for a food/rest break and announcements. It is recommended that you do no leave the track.
  • Mains will follow Motos round 3 between 15 and 30 minutes following the final group

Race Times:

Saturday 11:00 am
Sunday 11:00 am


9:00 – 9:15 AM9 & Under
9:15 – 9:30 AM10 – 13
9:30 – 9:45 AM14 & Over
9:45 – 10:00 AM9 & Under
10:00 – 10:15 AM10 – 13
10:15 – 10:30 AM14 & Over


Rider Race Registration (per day):  $40 paid through calendar registration app
*Striders – no fee – sign up on site


Saskatchewan Cup BMX Series & Grands Points

The Saskatchewan Cup BMX Series is a total points series meant to create another opportunity for provincial wide participation in a series format. They are a completely separate event from Saskatchewan BMX Provincial Championships.

  • Your points earned from Saskatchewan Cup #1, #2, #3, and #4 will be tallied, then added to points achieved at the Sask Cup BMX Grands to determine your overall placing in the series.  
  • You must attend at least 50% of the series races prior to being eligible to attend Grands.
  • You also must attend the Grands to achieve a final placing for the Saskatchewan Cup Series.  
  • The Grands format uses race classes and age just like our District series, although you may race with others as needed to make motos of 3 or more riders.
  • Position (P) plates will be awarded at the end of the Grands days racing.

Saskatchewan Cup BMX Provincial Championships Points

The Saskatchewan Cup Provincial Championship is the highest level of provincial racing in SK during the BMX season.

  • Provincial Championships is a single day event, with your finishing position determining your placing within your age group.  
  • All ability levels in an age group will compete in the same group (riders are not grouped by rider class, just by age).
  • Your championship placing earned will help determine your National standing.
  • “SK” plates will be awarded to the top 8 positions of each age group at the end of the Championship racing day.
  • You do not need to qualify to participate in the Saskatchewan Provincial Championship event

The Saskatchewan Provincial Championship event will be held at Diamond BMX on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

Note: You must run your highest earned plate starting immediately after the Championship Race Day. 2019 (no championships were held in 2020) earned plates must be removed following the Championship race day.


We will be following the UCI rules for Bikes as well as Clothing. See UCI BMX rules Section 4 & 5. It is recommended that riders wear back, elbow, knee, neck and shoulder protection.

Clothing & Equipment Rules of Note:

  • Handlebar width 29” max and rise of handlebar 12” max
  • Require plugs in ends of handlebars and handlebar grips must completely cover the ends of the handlebars.
  • Must have a rear brake with manual lever
  • Must have seat
  • No broken spokes
  • All kickstands, chain guards, and reflector brackets must be removed.  Bicycles with freestyle pegs will not be allowed on the track
  • Bicycle wheel size:  Challenge Class – 20” (6 and under may have smaller wheels), Cruiser Class – 24”
  • Must be 12+ to use clip pedals.  Toe clips and straps are not permitted.
  • Pants must be loose fitting long pants made of nylon, tear-resistant material, NO Lycra, sweatpants, denim / jeans, track / jogging pants, one-piece skinsuit, road cycling pants
  • Shorts made of tear-resistant material may be worn with proper knee and shin protection to the ankle.  
  • Jersey must be loose fitting with long sleeves to the wrist with no zippers above the waist and no back pockets – no Lycra, road cycling jerseys
  • Jersey must be tucked in to pants at the beginning of the race to not cause interference
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Gloves whose fingers completely cover the rider’s finger tips
  • One piece full face helmet in good condition equipped with a visor and a permanent strap attached; snaps are not allowed
  • No helmet or body mounted camera during race or practice; OK in training mounted on bike
  • Bike Number Plate must conform to UCI, CCC, and Sask. Cycling standards for numeral sizing and number standards and must be clearly visible.
  • Can have name on back, NO number
  • Any added aerodynamic accessories on personal equipment are not permitted.

Other Rules and Regulations

  • All attendees must follow the Globe BMX Raceway, Saskatchewan Cycling, Cycling Canada and UCI rules, codes and policies.
  • All attendees must comply with City of Saskatoon Bylaws.
  • Riders aged 6 and under may receive parental assistance at the start gate provided the rider gains no forward momentum from such assistance.  Assistance must be limited to use of legs only; no hands.
  • The use of obscene or foul language or other objectionable conduct will result in disciplinary action.
  • Urinating in public is forbidden and will result in disciplinary action. Washroom is provided on site.


Emergency Action Plan & Closest Medical Facilities

For the Saskatchewan Cup BMX Series #1 & #2 races, in accordance with the SCA Event Medical Policy, Globe BMX will have a First Responder on site for both event days during both practice and race times.

See the Emergency Action Plan for full details, or the quick info below on where to go in an emergency:

Directions to, and phone number of the nearest hospital(s) & mediclinic

  • Directions to the closest Hospital (Royal University Hospital)
    • Exit the Lakewood parking lot from the North West exit (near the recycling depot), onto McKercher Dr. going North
    • Exit left onto College Dr, going west
    • Turn right on Hospital Drive, look for Emergency on right hand side

      Hospital Address:
      103 Hospital Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W8
      Phone: (306) 655-1000
  • Direction to the nearest walk-in Medical Clinic with extended hours (Lakeside Medical Clinic)
    • Exit the Lakewood parking lot from the North West exit (near the recycling depot), onto McKercher Dr. going North
    • Continue until McKercher Dr. ends then take a left on 105th St. E.
    • Take your next left onto Joseph Okemasis Dr and the clinic will be on your left
    • Open until 10pm

      Clinic Address:
      215 Joseph Okemasis Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7N 3A8
      Phone: (306) 374-6884
      Hours: 9am – 10pm daily
  • Directions to the nearest walk-in Medical Clinic (Alliance Health Medical Walk-in Clinic)
    • Exit the Lakewood parking lot from the North West exit (near the recycling depot), onto McKercher Dr. going North
    • Turn left into College Park Mall
    • Arrive at Alliance Health Medical Walk-In Clinic

      Clinic Address:
      3919 8 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 5M7
      Phone: (306) 343-1661
      Hours: 9am-5pm, closed Saturday & Sundays