We can’t do any of this without Volunteers! Here is a little breakdown of some of the positions we always need help with for District (Sunday) races and Practices:

Announcer: Broadcasts the races, calls riders to staging, and updates spectators.

Gate Operator: Preps (fuel, test, safety check, setup of generator etc.), runs operates, and puts away equipment for the gate during races/practices, watches to make sure that the racers are safe and needs to pay attention to the Commissaries in case the gate needs to be held due to a crash on the track. This position should also take a quick look to make sure racers helmets are done up and wheels are aligned properly in gate.

Registration: Registration check in. Usually done in pairs, this position uses the Race Directors laptop, should be confirming the racers plate number and calculated age, and marks a “Yes” next to everyones name to make sure they are accounted for before the Race Director does final moto prep.

Setup of Seating Area, Bike Parking, etc.: Uses pylons to designate the area for spectators (should use the big pylons with the banners on it) and an area for racers to park their bikes. Sets up registration tables if not already complete.

Chief Commissaire: This position is responsible for overseeing the race activities and making sure the race is fair and that any riders that require relegation are managed.

Race Director:  This position is responsible for making and posting the motos. Ensures that all volunteers are in their positions, that First Aid is ready, and that the track is ready to race. Oversees how the race is being run and generally fills any position or helps as needed during the race.

Staging: Usually 3 or 4 positions, organizes racers into their appropriate motos & lanes on time in the staging area. Should have a sheet with motos so they are aware of the racers moto and lane number.

Track Official /Commissaires: (Before and during Races) Is on the track during the races monitoring for infractions and/or crashes. Watches the corners, helps riders if need be. Also is eyes and ears on the track for inappropriate behaviour on the track , informs Head track official/Commissaire who will take care of the issues. Assistant to the Chief Commissaire.

Track Safety: Helps to ensure the safety of the racers on the track. Helps riders become untangled from bikes and calls for first aid as needed. Volunteers can assist riders with their bikes during a crash, but should not advance the rider in any form during assistance.

Finish Line/Head Scorer: Compiles finish line judges observations.

Finish Line: Calls out the plate numbers of racers as they cross the finish line and also scribes. There is often a second helper who will video the finish line during close races.

First Aid: First Aid personnel at the track in case of injuries. MUST have First Aid certificate.

911 Caller: Calls and directs the ambulance into the park, if it is required.

Track Maintenance: Keeps the track maintained during race/practice nights. Wets dust, rakes, fills divots, also ensures the track is left in a clean and tidy condition including emptying/collecting garbage and recyclables. Works under the supervision of the Track Maintenance Director.

  • Rock Walk: Volunteer walks the entire track and picks up and removes rocks and other hazards from the track.
  • Watering: Is responsible for taking the hoses out of the sea can and hooking it up to the water tap and waters the corners and track to keep the dust down. This happens before racers ride, which then helps with track packing during the race.
  • Sweeping: sweeping loose or excess dirt off of main track area. Smooths excess so that it can be watered and packed.

Work Bee: Usually a weekend or week night to do work on the track. Manual labor. Works under the supervision of the Track Maintenance Director.

Concession Stand: Prepares and sells food/drink items.

Prize Table: Sells raffle tickets and 50/50.

Tear Down: Assists in taking down and putting away all items from practice or races.