Track Update – New Gate for Globe BMX!

We’ve been waiting a LONG time to share this news!

But before we get ahead of ourselves we have to take a moment to look back to 1997. Saskatoon hosted the World BMX Championships! Epic right? Many people who are still a part of the Saskatoon BMX community remember it with pride! The gate used at that event, built by a family member of one of our members, Mike Hart, was generously donated to Globe BMX and has dropped thousands of times over the last 10 years. It truly has its own legacy and we’ve been so lucky to call it ours for so long.

Racers in the gate – World BMX Championships, Saskatoon 1997

With the evolution of the design and safety standards of BMX gates, we now know that a new gate is needed to ensure that the safety of all of our riders is our #1 priority.

Crescent Style Gate Design Drawings

Our new gate, a crescent style design, will be built locally over the next two months and our controls will be the number one name in the game, Pro-gate. If all goes as planned our new gate will be installed before the season starts.

Pro-Gate 12V Air Ram

We truly can’t move forward without thanking those that gave Globe BMX the current gate and helped SO many riders learn to love BMX racing. We’re planning to keep the gate as a legacy item and will be working on a plan as to where it will be located and what it’s new purpose will be! It has an amazing history and means a lot to many riders and families in Saskatoon.

Who’s ready for 2019!!!!????

First Track Night – Thursday, May 24th, 2018

The track is now ready for racing, so to ease into the season, we’ll host our opening practice night this Thursday, May 24th. Schedule for the evening is as follows:

4:45pm – 5:30pm Setup
5:30pm – 6:00pm Rider Check-in and Number Plates
6:00pm – 8:00pm Open Gates- note, volunteers will be grouping kids together so that we keep it safe for all different levels of riders.
8:00pm – 8:15pm Teardown

As always, we’ll need volunteers to help us get setup and running smoothly. We use an online volunteer registration system and all the positions required, time to arrive and number of positions needed are listed here: Volunteer Sign Up – May 24th, 2018


  • Bring all of your required gear. You will not be allowed to ride without the proper bike setup and safety gear. Need a reminder, check out our BMX 101 page.
  • You MUST be a member at Globe BMX for practice nights, which are every Sunday and includes this first Thursday. We will be checking riders in and cross-referencing our membership sign up list.
  • You MUST bring proof of your SCA license, either the card they mailed you or email proof of purchase. We are not able to reference a database list. If you don’t bring proof, you won’t be able to ride.
  • Bring water, snacks, bug spray, chairs, small tools (if you have them, if not, good to start putting together a little toolkit), pliers/cutters, tape and scissors are always good to have on standby.

Full season schedule is updated and can be found here: 2018 Globe BMX Schedule


Practices: Weekly practices will be formatted differently than our first night. We’ll be practicing on Sundays from 4-6 roughly, with certain age groups dedicated to different sections of time. Volunteers will always be needed so we’ll have a weekly volunteer sign up sheet, along with the same advice in the Things to Note section above. We will continue to bring plates each week to capture new riders or riders who might miss the first couple of sessions.

Races: Races will run approximately from 5pm – 8pm on Thursday nights. That timeframe includes setup, track prep, registration and check in, warm up, racing and teardown. Full schedule and times will be released shortly. We will require parents to register online both for racing and volunteering, weekly. That information will be posted on our website, emailed and put on Facebook and has a cut off time each week in order for volunteers to prepare properly.



New Season, New Board Members!

On May 8th, 2018 we held our 2018 AGM. Thank you to those that attended and shared ideas and plans for the season. Your suggestions and opinions matter to us!

We made a call for paper nominations and then floor nominations at the meeting, for both Vice-President and President.

Globe BMX would like to congratulate Kyle Schmitt, our new President! Kyle was a Director for the 2017 season and was a huge asset with his BMX racing knowledge, passion for track improvement and forward planning attitude. Thank you Kyle for stepping up to this role and for your hard work last season!

We’d also like to congratulate Deb Gibson, who will join us as the club’s Vice-President. Deb’s son Gabriel is a fierce competitor on the track and getting better with each drop of the gate. We’re excited to work with you Deb this season, thank you for stepping up to the role!

With that comes the departure of our former President, Heather Foster. Heather, our sincerest thanks for all you did for the club this past season. Your BMX knowledge and historical perspective was so helpful and we appreciate all of the hard work that was contributed. Thank you!!

Farewell to Jay Schmautz who’s term as Vice-President ended with the arrival of this AGM. Thank you Jay for all of your past efforts as a volunteer board member.

Minutes from the AGM coming soon, as well as 2018 Schedule update!

~ Globe BMX Board

2018 Welcome Night and Buy & Sell Event

Save the date! Globe BMX will be hosting our 2018 Welcome Night, along with a Buy & Sell on the evening of Monday, April 23rd, 2018.

Where: zu – 303 Pacific Avenue, main floor, look for signs
Time: 7:00pm – approx. 9:00pm

Join us and bring friends! Learn about the sport of BMX in Saskatoon, what to expect this season, and who we are as a club of racers and families.

If you’d like space at a table, email and let us know what you think you’ll be selling and how much space you’d need. Space will be limited.

2018 AGM – Save the Date!

MINUTES – Spring AGM Agenda – May 8th, 2018

Our 2018 AGM is coming up soon! Mark your calendars with the following details:

When: May 8th, 2018
Where: zu, Experience Room, 200-303 Pacific Avenue, Saskatoon SK
Start Time: 7:00pm
End Time: 9:00pm (estimated)

We’re calling for nominations to fill two positions on the Board of Directors this season, President and Vice-President. The nomination form can be downloaded here. Nominations can be filled out and emailed back to anytime between now and the meeting. Floor nominations will also take place.

Agenda and supplementary AGM documentation are linked below. If you have agenda items you’d like discussed, please email us prior to April 19th, 2018. We look forward to having as many members in attendance to help us guide the direction of the club, foster growth and promote positive membership relations.

NOTE: You must be a current paid 2018 member to be able to vote, however anyone is welcome to attend the AGM.

Spring AGM Agenda – May 8th, 2018
2017 Globe BMX Financials
Fall AGM Minutes – November 21, 2017
Bylaw Ammendments from Fall General Meeting – 2017

Fall AGM – Save the date!

More information and agenda will be sent out approx 2 weeks prior to the meeting date. If you have agenda topics you’d like us to cover, please contact us before November 6th.

Meeting will be held at the Sask Sport Offices, 510 Cynthia Street, in the main floor meeting room at 7pm on November 21st.

We hope to see as many of you in attendance as available, as your voice and opinion help shape the success of this club.