We are currently one of three sanctioned BMX clubs in the province of Saskatchewan. Our governing sport body is the Saskatchewan Cycling Association.

Globe BMX Raceway Inc is an incorporated not-for-profit sport organization, with the goal and vision to grow the sport of BMX in Saskatchewan, give riders the best training and racing facility within our power, and eventually create a series of races with new and existing tracks in Saskatchewan.

Our primary fundraising goal is to build a new, longer and better positioned track at our current location. We are actively seeking sponsorships and planning fundraising events to help achieve this goal by 2020.

Our Board of Directors is made up of 5 active roles, however we are always on the search for more help! Our 2020 Board of Directors is currently held by the following volunteers:

Kyle Schmitt – President
Dan Greschner – Vice-President
Kendal Redhead – Treasurer
Jen Korney – Secretary & Communications

Board Bios

President – Kyle Schmitt

Kyle has been the President of Globe BMX since 2018, and prior to that was the Vice President in 2017, and Track Director in 2016. Kyle was involved in the BMX scene in the 90’s as an athlete and at the pinnacle of his BMX career, Kyle won a National Championship. Since his re-introduction to BMX in 2016, Kyle has become a three time SK Provincial Champion and has upgraded to the Expert Level. All three of his children also race.

From the beginning, Kyle has had a desire to make continuous improvements to our track setup. He has led initiatives that increased the length of the track, updated and reshaped the main track features, installed track drainage, built and installed the new start gate and has instilled a sense of pride in other members that the track needs to be pristine as it possibly can so that our membership can race and train safely. His involvement in the new track design and planning has been instrumental.

Vice President – Dan Greschner

Dan has been racing with Globe BMX since 2016, and has been Vice President since the start of the 2019 season. Him and both his two children race and train with the club and are always at the track helping out!

Dan’s background in Electrical, Engineering and Project Management have been key assets to the track expansion planning process. His awareness of budgeting, timeline, scope and risk/reward is always keeping our goals on track.

Secretary & Communications – Jen Korney

Jen’s sport background never involved BMX racing, rather downhill ski racing both as an athlete for 10 years and a Level 2 High Performance coach for 6. Although those two seem like world’s apart, the racing aspect, tight-knit community and seasonal aspects of each sport are almost parallel. This allows Jen to understand the bigger picture when it comes to club growth, coaching development, athlete progression, and club retention.

Jen’s two boys joined the club in 2015 and she joined the board in 2016 in her primary role as Secretary . Her backgrounds in tech, event management, marketing and project management allowed her to dive into additional roles that propelled the club into a more accessible era. Refining process, developing a website, using modern communication tools, creating a consistent social and brand voice have all been key milestones. She also has taken on the roles of weekly Race Director, BMX Commissaire, Level 2 Coach and manages all SK racers District Points and Race Day Win / Upgrades. In 2020, she became SCA Chief BMX Commissaire and has since achieved her Provincial A status.

Treasurer – Janelle Robinson (coming soon!)

Track Director – Brandon Derksen (coming soon!)

Coaching DirectorSteve Rosman (coming soon!)