All the Questions You’ve Had About RDW’s, Provincial Series Races, Grands & Saskatchewan Championships…Explained!

Saskatchewan Cup Series & Grands

The Saskatchewan Cup BMX Series is a total points series meant to create another opportunity for provincial wide participation in a series format. They are a completely separate event from Saskatchewan BMX Provincial Championships.

  • Your points earned from Saskatchewan Cup #1, #2, #3, and #4 will be tallied, then added to points achieved at the Sask Cup BMX Grands to determine your overall placing in the series.  
  • You must attend at least 50% of the series races prior to being eligible to attend Grands.
  • You also must attend the Grands to achieve a final placing for the Saskatchewan Cup Series.  
  • The Grands format uses race classes and age just like our District series, although you may race with others as needed to make motos of 3 or more riders.
  • Position (P) plates will be awarded at the end of the Grands days racing.

Globe BMX will host series races #1 & #2, 13th Ave BMX will host #3 & #4 in Regina, and Diamond BMX will host the Grands on the Saturday of the Provincial Championships weekend.

Schedule of Provincial Series events is here. Note the Alberta BMX schedule has not been finalized to do changing covid guidelines in Alberta.

Saskatchewan Cup Provincial Championships

The Saskatchewan Cup Provincial Championship is the highest level of provincial racing in SK during the BMX season.

  • Provincial Championships is a single day event, with your finishing position determining your placing within your age group.  
  • All ability levels in an age group will compete in the same group (riders are not grouped by rider class, just by age).
  • Your championship placing earned will help determine your National standing.
  • “SK” plates will be awarded to the top 8 positions of each age group at the end of the Championship racing day.
  • You do not need to qualify to participate in the Saskatchewan Provincial Championship event

The Saskatchewan Provincial Championship event will be held at Diamond BMX on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

Note: You must run your highest earned plate starting immediately after the Championship Race Day. 2019 (no championships were held in 2020) earned plates must be removed following the Championship race day.

Race Day Wins (RDW’s)

The Saskatchewan Cycling Chief Commissaire keeps track of wins and upgrades in province, however it is up to the parent to reach out and to notify them of out of province wins.

  • Athletes will upgrade ability levels based on the number of race day wins they achieve. This is based on race wins (the outcome overall for that day), not individual moto wins.
  • RDW’s will be highlighted in green on results sheets
  • District racing (club level) and Provincial Series or Championship wins, both count towards the upgrade, though a win at a Provincial race counts as two wins. Club level races do not count towards RDW’s.
  • Wins do not expire, so you don’t need to acquire all your wins in a single season to upgrade.
  • The Strider/4 & Under riders do not earn district points or race day wins, however can earn club/fun points.

Rider Class Levels

Riders generally compete against other athletes of the same age, gender, and class. Although if some classes are small (less than 3) they may be combined with another similar age/gender/ability.

  • Male athletes have 3 categories; Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.
    • Ability Class Upgrades (Male):
      • Novice to Intermediate: 10 Race Day Wins
      • Intermediate to Expert: 20 Race Day Wins
  • Female athletes have 2 categories; Novice and Expert.
    • Ability Class Upgrades (Female):
      • Novice to Expert: 20 Race Day Wins

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