Return to Practice Plan

The day has finally arrived! As of June 22nd, sports in SK are allowed to start making a return. We’ve spent countless hours meeting and preparing for what that might look like, and are finally ready to share our plan. Please keep in mind that many factors both obvious and not, go into this kind of redirection of effort. That being said, we are happy to hear feedback on how we might improve. Also remember that we will continue to evolve our plans over the summer as restrictions are lifted.


  • First practice is June 25th
  • Practices are all we are allowed to proceed with at this time.
  • We have developed a new structure, session times & sizes, sign up process and social distancing protocols that need to be in place in order for us to proceed.
  • You MUST be a registered 2020 member to sign up for practice sessions.
  • It will be different. Bottom line is that our riders will get to be at the track using the gate.

New format and details can be reviewed on this page:


  • Racing in our traditional format has not yet been approved to proceed.
  • We will be able to proceed once social distancing and group size limitations are lifted.
  • If they are lifted prior to September 1st, 2020, we will proceed with a modified race season. We will make the final call about racing and fees on September 1st, 2020.

Registration Fees & Membership Requirements

  • Our registration is now open once again and we have decided to freeze pricing at the Earlybird rate.
  • We are keeping our fundraising requirement as is, but will be putting the volunteer bond aside for now, and any fee discount decisions on hold, until a decision has been reached about racing, which we will decide officially on September 1st, 2020.
  • Our club fee portion is low and as it stands, with the high probability of not being able to proceed with race events, we will not raise as much funds for the club as originally planned.


We understand that this year looks different, and that some will be very excited to get back on the track and some will still need time to feel comfortable being in groups again, and that is ok!

With that in mind, there were a few things to consider:

  • If you are a current paid member and do not want to participate this season, now understanding what being at the track will look like, we will be offering refunds that follow this guideline:
    • We are able to refund:
      • 100% club fees refund, minus the transaction fees
    • We are not able to refund the following:
      • $100 fundraising fee. You will remain required to either label the 50/50 tickets with your information for your own entries, or sell the 50/50 tickets. If you decide to sell them to friends and family, they can be sold at any time, and the information on the draw details is here: .
      • The SCA license fees are not collected by us nor ours to refund. When registering for a membership everyone agreed to the SCA refund policy: Saskatchewan Cycling Association membership refunds are not permitted once the membership has been issued. Prior to issuance, membership applications may (at the discretion of the SCA) be cancelled minus registration provider charges.
  • Refund requests for club fees MUST be communicated to us prior to June 30th, 2020. After June 30th, we will not issue refunds.

50/50 Fundraising:

Our 50/50 fundraising plan will continue ahead as planned. If you are a current or new member and have not picked up your 50/50 booklets, please email and we’ll arrange a contactless option. Tickets will also be able to be picked up on Thursdays at the track from Jen.

Volunteer Bond:

Our volunteer bond will be put on hold until we can make a decision about racing or not. For the current return to practice plan, board members will fill the needed volunteer positions to keep sanitizing procedures easy to manage, and make social distancing as easy as possible. No volunteers will be required to run practices, as outlined on our new practice and protocols page.

SK Cup Races, Camps & Special Events:

These are still undecided. Our SK Cup #1 and #2 will be most definitely be cancelled, but we are not 100% sure if there is a possibility for rescheduling or not and will wait to make any final decisions when Phase 5 dates are announced by the Government of SK. Our end of July On The Box Camp and our Summer Classic are TBD and we’ll of course look to reschedule or modify these events as more information is available and restrictions are lifted.

Maintenance Work & City of Saskatoon Track Status:

The City of Saskatoon has approved our return to practice plan. Board members will help keep the track maintained for now, however help may be needed in the future.

Questions or Comments?