2020 Fundraising Requirement

With the Sport of BMX rapidly growing and the exciting expansion of the provincial series, our opportunity as a club to generate income from provincial race events will be reduced moving forward. Instead of increasing membership fees we have decided to put a bigger emphasis on fundraising.

Fundraising Commitment

Each family, upon membership registration checkout, will be required to pay $100 for their 2020 fundraising commitment. This fee is per family, not per rider. Don’t stress! We are going to provide you with opportunities to earn that $100 dollars back throughout the season if you so choose to.

More Details:

  • $100 fundraising fee due at registration checkout (built into online registration fee/payment platform)
  • We’ll reach out to members when fundraising events are happening.

We understand that families are busy, so we will ensure that we keep the fundraising efforts simple so you can help the club grow without paying more in registration fees. If you have questions don’t hesitate, just ask and we will gladly help you out. Please contact us as they arise.