2019 Season Kick Off – First Club Practice Details

If you’re a registered Globe BMX Member and are ready to start practicing, please join us this Sunday, May 19th! Here is everything you need to know.

1. Check the schedule page (Sunday Practice section) first to make sure you are coming at the right time!


2. If you are practicing tomorrow – make sure you’ve got all the gear and read the following!

Bike! Make sure it has a single hand-brake (no pedal brakes), no pegs, bells, reflectors, chain guards and anything extra on the bike is removed. This helps keep your rider and other riders safe on the track each time.

Helmet – make sure you have a full face helmet for you or your rider. When you are at the track and on your bike, your helmet is on. We like to think of the track area as the space within the perimeter walking path.

Clothing, gloves and shoes
– Motocross Pants & Jersey are recommended however any long sleeve and full leg outfit that is tear resistant will do. No Jeans, Sweats or Windpants – they would all tear and/or melt to skin in the event of a crash.
– Make sure your rider has full fingered gloves. These are a must and riders will not be allowed on the track without them
– Closed toe shoes, preferably flat soled skate style shoe, but shoes that allow you to grip your pedals and are comfortable will work. Laces should be well tied and not hanging loose.

Other gear:
– bring water and a snack
– Small toolbox if you have one (in case there are gear adjustments you need to make)
– Chair for spectating
– Backpack or wagon to haul your stuff out to the track

Volunteer Cheque – in order to receive your 2019 plate tomorrow (which is what you’ll need to be able to practice and race) please bring your volunteer cheque for $100. This is 1 cheque per family and is NOT cashed unless you do not fulfill your volunteer credits by the end of the Season, mid-September.

If you want to read the full details, please look here: https://globebmx.com/racing/volunteer/volunteer-bond/ .

We’ll be taking cheques and handing out plates all season, as tomorrow is not the first time everyone will make it to the track.

Volunteer – please use the form to register for a role this Sunday! https://volunteersignup.org/PDCC4

License – make sure you bring your 2019 Saskatchewan Cycling Association license, or proof of purchase with you tomorrow. Make sure to sign the back if you have a physical license already. Pro tip: take a picture of the license or screenshot of the confirmation email and save it to the family cell phones. This way everyone has a copy and that’s all we need to see to verify you have a license.

Parking – Vehicles are to be parked in the Lakewood Civic center lot, and then gear and bikes walked or ridden behind the tennis dome to the track. Only vehicles on our permit list are ok to be parked out by the track.

Washrooms – Every year we rent a portable washroom so that riders don’t have to run all the way to the Civic Center – happy to report it’s on-site and ready for use tomorrow. It will be locked during any non-practice and race times as we’ve experienced vandalism

Thursday District Race – Information on Thursdays race will be sent out after practice, however if you want, you can register now. There are specific race plate scenarios and instructions embedded into the form that you will need to read in order to register. https://globebmx.com/racing/schedule/