First Track Night – Thursday, May 24th, 2018

The track is now ready for racing, so to ease into the season, we’ll host our opening practice night this Thursday, May 24th. Schedule for the evening is as follows:

4:45pm – 5:30pm Setup
5:30pm – 6:00pm Rider Check-in and Number Plates
6:00pm – 8:00pm Open Gates- note, volunteers will be grouping kids together so that we keep it safe for all different levels of riders.
8:00pm – 8:15pm Teardown

As always, we’ll need volunteers to help us get setup and running smoothly. We use an online volunteer registration system and all the positions required, time to arrive and number of positions needed are listed here: Volunteer Sign Up – May 24th, 2018


  • Bring all of your required gear. You will not be allowed to ride without the proper bike setup and safety gear. Need a reminder, check out our BMX 101 page.
  • You MUST be a member at Globe BMX for practice nights, which are every Sunday and includes this first Thursday. We will be checking riders in and cross-referencing our membership sign up list.
  • You MUST bring proof of your SCA license, either the card they mailed you or email proof of purchase. We are not able to reference a database list. If you don’t bring proof, you won’t be able to ride.
  • Bring water, snacks, bug spray, chairs, small tools (if you have them, if not, good to start putting together a little toolkit), pliers/cutters, tape and scissors are always good to have on standby.

Full season schedule is updated and can be found here: 2018 Globe BMX Schedule


Practices: Weekly practices will be formatted differently than our first night. We’ll be practicing on Sundays from 4-6 roughly, with certain age groups dedicated to different sections of time. Volunteers will always be needed so we’ll have a weekly volunteer sign up sheet, along with the same advice in the Things to Note section above. We will continue to bring plates each week to capture new riders or riders who might miss the first couple of sessions.

Races: Races will run approximately from 5pm – 8pm on Thursday nights. That timeframe includes setup, track prep, registration and check in, warm up, racing and teardown. Full schedule and times will be released shortly. We will require parents to register online both for racing and volunteering, weekly. That information will be posted on our website, emailed and put on Facebook and has a cut off time each week in order for volunteers to prepare properly.



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